Never settle again for background music that doesn't fully serve your AMAZING Activations, Transmissions, Meditations, & Guided Visualizations.


It's time to UP-LEVEL your powerful offerings with Divine-Feminine-inspired, high-frequency, royalty-free background music - without spending hours trying to find that perfect song!

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Ankhara Rose

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Collection of 6 Sacred Background Music songs by Ankhara Rose. By purchasing this album, your one-time payment gives you Royalty-Free use of these songs. You can include them in an unlimited number of acceptable uses (see the FAQ section for a comprehensive list). To purchase individual songs, click the price to the right of the song you would

Collection of 6 Sacred Background Music songs by Ankhara Rose. By purchasing this album, your one-time payment gives you Royalty-Free use of these songs. You can include them in an unlimited number of acceptable uses (see the FAQ section for a comprehensive list). To purchase individual songs, click the price to the right of the song you would like to purchase. Click the album play button to hear the songs, and then you can skip through!

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I'm Ankhara Rose, and in addition to being a Song Priestess, sacred music artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and music producer, I am also a Divine Feminine leader, transformational coach and teacher!

For years, Divine Feminine & Conscious leaders have come to me to solve a big problem - they create AMAZING, powerful audio and video offers (transformational activations, deep meditations, stunning guided visualizations and perspective-altering transmissions), but when it comes time for them to support their work with background music, they feel stuck.

They spend hours searching through royalty-free libraries only to settle on a mediocre song that "kind of works," and still they question

"Is this even energetically aligned with my offering?"
"Who created this song?"
"What was the intention behind it?"
"Does the vibration of the music match my creation?"
"Am I doing this right?"
"Does this sound professional?"

Sometimes they find a famous song they'd love to use, but they'd need to spend $$$$ to license it, or steal it and hope they don't get caught (not the kind of karma or business practices any responsible leader would want).

And that's where I come in!

Because I live and breathe the sacred, consistently connect with & cultivate frequency, and dance with the richness of the Divine Feminine, all of my musical creations serve the intention of consciousness and the greatest good of all.

And Your Offerings deserve music that was created with that intention.

Finally, create powerful audio & video offerings 
where every piece is in alignment with your intention with this 
created & curated-for-you collection of sacred backing music tracks!

How It Works


1. Browse the Sacred Background Music Collection in the music player above and add the full album OR individual songs to your shopping cart by clicking the price. Then follow the instructions to checkout using stripe or paypal. Once the songs are downloaded, you can use them in an unlimited number of offerings!  (Check out the FAQ for specifics on the many ways you can use these songs)

2. Record audio or video of your transmission, activation, guided visualization or meditation. (Need help with that? I am creatibg a Self-Recording: Best Practices PDF... join the mailing list to find out when it's ready!)

3. Add the song to your recording using an audio or video editing app or program, then fade it & edit the length to fit your offering. 

4. Listen to it all the way through, to make sure the balance is perfect and you LOVE it...

5. Then, voila! Your offering is up-leveled, energetically supported, and you can sell it with CONFIDENCE in the quality AND alignment!

When the music in the background of your offer is too busy, too loud, or out of alignment, it impacts your listeners' experience

The music you choose should support your intention completely & enhance its potency!


1. Why should I pay for background music for my offerings? Imagine you created a coaching method or healing modality and someone else taught it without your permission AND charged $$$ for it - it wouldn't be fair (in fact, it would be stealing).  This is a problem musicians and artists face constantly - in a field where they are often struggling to earn a living, people exploit their work and creativity.  So when you pay a musician to use their song, you are not only supporting that musician financially, you are valuing their work and acting in integrity.

2. What ways am I allowed to use these songs after I download them?  Here are just a few ways you can use these songs:

  • In the background of your audio and/or video meditations, guided visualizations, activations, transmissions, talks, etc
  • In workshops, retreats, yoga classes, massage therapy sessions, healing sessions
  • As a stand-alone piece of music for your offering (ex. you guide participants to a specific frequency and then play the song or a part of the song, rather than have it in the background of you talking)
  • Personal use
  • These songs can be used any way listed above as free giveaway/promotional (ex. a guided visualization lead magnet) or for sale (ex. as part of an activation of an online workshop)
  • They can also be used on social media live and pre-recorded videos (youtube, facebook, instagram, etc) without worrying that they will be taken down

3. What ways am I not allowed to use these songs? As part of the agreement you make when purchasing these songs, you may not:

  • Sell one or more of these songs as a standalone piece of music
  • Upload them to a music library
  • Give them to your friends or colleagues to use in their offerings

4. I'm not sure if the way I want to use the song is acceptable, how can I be sure? Thank you for your integrity - you can e-mail me directly at

5. What is royalty-free music?  When you purchase royalty-free music, you are making a one-time payment for a license that gives you lifetime legal use of the music. Not a bad deal!

6. Can I use these songs on my lives on FB, IG and YouTube?  Yes!  These songs can be used on any of your social media offerings (Facebook, IG, YouTube, etc - live or pre-recorded)... and don't forget, they can also be used in your online or in-person classes, workshops, & retreats!

7. Can I purchase just 1 song?  Sure, just click the shopping cart button on the right next to the song you want and it will be added to a shopping cart!

8. Is this website secure for making purchases? 100% Yes!

9. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple songs?  Yes! If you purchase the album/collection of 6 songs, the cost is $133, which comes out to only $22/song!

10. Is this music just for Divine Feminine & Conscious Leaders?  If I'm not one or don't even know what that is, can I still use this music in my offerings?  I have been on a personal journey of awakening and embodying the Deep & Divine Feminine for almost two decades, and it is my belief that leaders who teach and embody these codes carry a specific frequency that is needed on the planet at this time.  Of course you don't have to know yourself as a Divine Feminine or Conscious leader to use these songs, but it is important that you know that each and every song that I bring through is in deep alignment with the feminine.

11. How do I know which song to pick?  The titles of the songs will give you some idea of the essence of what frequencies and codes they carry, but use your intuition.  When you tune into your offering and listen through the songs, which one feels like the perfect fit?  That's the one!

12. Songs usually only cost $0.99, why do your songs cost so much more?  Great question!  The cost of these songs reflects the use.  When you purchase a song from an music artist, you are usually purchasing it to listen to it privately.  The cost of these songs reflects the fee for royalty-free, unlimited use of the songs in your offers!

13.  I like your music, but I don't create offerings that need background music.  Do you make other music as well?   Yes!  You can hear some of my music on Spotify here!

14. Do you offer a refund if I change my mind?  All sales are final, but remember, you have LIFETIME use of these songs once you purchase them!

15. Can I use your Spotify music in my offerings?  In order to use my songs in your offerings, I ask that you purchase them under the royalty-free license.  You can reach out to me directly to arrange that at 

16. I purchased your collection - will you be releasing more background music again soon?  Yes!  Please join my mailing list (link at bottom of page) to be notified!

Here's What Conscious Leaders Like You Are Saying!

The Sacred Background Music Collection is perfect for you IF:

◇ You want to share or sell professional quality Activations, Guided Visualizations, Meditations or Transmissions with ALIGNED background music

◇ Intentionality and Frequency matter to you when it comes to what you share with the world

◇ You are a Divine Feminine and/or Conscious Leader (new or experienced), and you want supporting background music you use to be infused with the essence of these codes & frequencies

◇ You are DONE sifting through hours of mediocre music on royalty-free sites

◇ You are ready to put your amazing audio or video offers out in the world and were just waiting for the perfect music to support them

◇ You're tired of paying for single songs with single use - you want to pay one time for unlimited use of the songs that work best with your sacred offers

◇ You value independent artists and want to support them directly

If not having the perfect music for your amazing offers has been stopping you from putting your work out into the world, don't wait another minute!  The Sacred Background Music Collection by Song Priestess & Sacred Music Producer, Ankhara Rose was created just for you!

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